Friday, 19 February 2016

Facing Down The Blank Page

As writers we are constantly facing down the blank page. I even feel intimidated to write this blog post, to put my thoughts and opinions out there on the web, to stamp out this space and claim it for my own.

A lot of thoughts come into my head both good and bad. The good are inspired, they feel light and free but the bad, well... they weigh me down with negativity like, 'Who do you think you are to write anything in this space?' (which is funny because, as the 'M' in 'M&J,' I helped create this space)

That blank page, it seems so vast, so overwhelmingly immense. My words feel like they mar the space.

So, how do I, as a writer, overcome that? I have a few different techniques that work for me. I invite you to try your own, play around, express yourself, and find what works for you.
If you care to share I'd love to read your discoveries in the comments.

Some of the ways I get into the workflow are:

-recognize that I am imperfect which means I am human
-discuss concepts / story points / drafts with my writing partner (the 'J' of 'M&J')
-go for a walk (thank you Brandon Colby Cook and 'J' for often reminding me to do this)
-do the morning pages from The Artist's Way (thank you Aliyah O'Brien for inspiring and doing this with me)
-recognize I don't want to / am scared / don't think it'll be any good and do it anyway (for over a year I have written new content for fifteen minutes, minimum, once a day everyday, no breaks)
-do something to make the process more enjoyable (watch inspiring videos / listen to great music / have a cup of my favourite tea)

The biggest take-away I can give is to remember that each word is not a blemish, it is a point of reference that can be changed, molded, and revised - because writing is re-writing but first we must have something created before we can change it.

- M

*M, this is a very brave and vulnerable post and the perfect beginning to our blogging adventure. I applaud you. - J

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