Friday, 18 March 2016

Finding Balance

One of the reasons I enjoy working with J so much is because not only does she have similar goals, she shares a similar vision on how to get there - enjoying the journey in a health-conscious way.

When I was growing up I was very sick. For ten+ years I experienced a multitude of symptoms, the main ones being: anemia, depression, headaches and a constant dull stomach ache.

After doing their best to cure each individual symptom, without much success, the doctors told me it was probably all in my head. I was eighteen at the time and thought maybe they were right so I learned to live with the pain.

A few years later, I met someone who said my symptoms sounded a lot like Celiac Disease. She warned me that I might have to fight to get tested.

She was right. My G.P. was adamant I didn't have C.D. - even after the blood test came back with a 'very strong' indication that I did. Luckily, because of my results she sent me to a specialist to 'rule it out.'

The morning of my endoscopy the specialist reviewed my symptoms and told me I should have been sent to see him years before.

The test came back positive and I went on a Gluten Free diet. It took about six months before I experienced any real changes in my symptoms. The first morning I woke up without a stomach ache I was so happy I cried.

Over the years I couldn't believe how great I could feel and ever since then I have made health a large part of my life. The aim is to be a well-rounded creative. Although true balance seems only achievable in moments, ensuring I'm not leaving any part of my life to wither is key, especially with regards to eating, sleeping, and exercising.

I hope that everyone can find the joy in life and for me that means eating 'good-for-you' food, surrounding myself with 'good-for-you' people, and being grateful for every day.

- M

*M, long live our green juice breaks. No doubt about it, you are very 'good for' me. - J

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