Thursday, 19 May 2016

5 Tips for Writing as an Extrovert‏

After reading, '7 tips for networking as an introvert,' J's godmother suggested a blog post about what it is like to be an extroverted writer.

Although I consider myself an ambivert, I definitely enjoy being social and, as a writer, there are times when I am alone. All alone. For long stretches...

Here are some tricks I've learned to help with those introspective days of writing:

1. Find a partner

I love the interaction when J and I work on a script or a scene together - we get through work with laughter and ease. Even when we're not directly interacting, simply being in the same room as her feels less isolating, which leads me to my next point...

2. Be with people

As of this morning, I have written new content on my solo projects for 481 days straight. So, if there isn't someone available to directly partner with, there are other options to still get that feeling of being around people.

I will bring a notebook or laptop to public spaces like a cafe, the park, or a work session.

Work sessions are when a group of us come together to work on our own projects individually. We're all in the same space doing our own thing.

3. Live inside your head

Make those worlds / characters so full and fleshed out that you feel like you're interacting with them. This is something I used to get in trouble for back in elementary school. Little did I know all that daydreaming would come in handy someday.

4. Go for a walk

I let my concepts run around in the back of my head while I wander and smile at strangers. Sometimes simply sharing a moment with another human being is enough to recharge. It feels great to walk around with a smile. I like to think of each one as planting a small seed for a happier humanity.

5. Sit down and write! 

Set aside some time to just do it. Know that you're okay alone. I actually feel more grateful for the people in my life when I spend some time apart. I do eventually come up for air and interact with them. Similar to J's post, try book-ending your writing sessions with seeing people on either side of it. I often pepper my calendar with social events around big blocks of writing.

Whatever your process is, whatever your work, I invite you to play around with your own system. The above works for me but we are all unique. I'm off to spend the day with the awesome J.

- M

*M, I am happy we found each other. Also, I am in love with the image for this post!  - J

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