Thursday, 2 June 2016

Self-care Sunday

My husband and I have been on a bi-weekly work schedule for as long as I can remember. As I work for myself, I try as much as possible to match his work schedule and his work schedule to date has always been [some form of] a bi-weekly one. There were pros and cons to this of course; Costco shopping was way easier, booking hotels for a night away - cheaper. In fact we got so used to there being few people around that when we were out and about on the occasional Saturday or Sunday, we were boggled by how ’busy’ places were.

Recently, my leading man has started a weekly schedule. Gasp, shock, horror… yes, that was our first reaction to the change. It’s probably, to be totally honest my first reaction to any major change but, I have to say, this new weekly routine thing… I’m liking it. I’m really liking it.

I could go on about the many reasons why life is easier with a weekly schedule as opposed to the bi-weekly craziness we grew accustomed to, but I won’t, because what I’d like to focus this post on is my precious ‘Self-care Sunday’ that has sprung out of this shift.

‘Self-care Sunday’ started off in my ical as being titled ‘Introvert Work Day’… I changed the name to something gentler and more appealing to the eye… well, specifically to my eye. My husband works on sundays (we have a regular weekend now but we couldn’t be too normal)… and M&J is off [that day] as well, so that M has time with her leading beau. Therefore, I am all on my lonesome… my delicious lonesome! He he he….

So far 'Self-care Sunday' looks like this… wake up, breakfast with my man, out the door to the farmers market! Woo Hoo! Thrill of buying something new that I’ve never cooked with, from the local stalls and some fair-trade decaf brew, then a nice walk back home.

I make myself a lunch I’ve never tried before with my new found ingredients all while nerd-ing out to my favourite podcast, ‘Stuff you Should Know’. It’s a touch distracting sometimes, but all in all good fun and easy, informative listening. Then it’s back out to a local cafe for some much loved tea and a quiet (introverted) work session.

During the work session I generally try to spend at least an hour or two on the short films I am slated to direct. I like to take my time with creative stuff and especially with new territory and I always feel better when I study up ahead of time! So, I’ve deemed that portion of the day ‘Director’s Sunday’ for myself to work through shot-list ideas and read up on ways to be good to the cast and crew of the ships I’ll be steering.

Why am I sharing all this? Because I think it’s super important to have time carved out in your week just for you. Time to refill the well, as The Artist’s Way suggests and time to ease into new, ambitious projects without the stress of looming deadlines. Having a day that’s equal parts, self-care/pampering and catch-up/get ahead on work stuff is something I’ve found immensely beneficial to my over-all goal of a healthy, happy lifestyle. I encourage you to try it! Even just an hour a week, if that’s what you have available, make that hour just for you (a snazzy title on your ical helps by the way, just sayin’).

Much love to you in your self-kindness, life balance endeavours and I look forward to hearing what your ‘Self-care Sunday’ entails.

Cheers mates!
- J

*J, You have definitely taught me a lot on how to slow down and take in the moment. Thank you! - M

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