Thursday, 8 September 2016


There is a saying that 'timing is everything' and as I move through life I am able to look back and see how true this has been for me, or maybe I'm just making it that way. Whatever, it's all narrative. When I allow myself to approach the events in my life from a place of 'timing' vs 'forcing,' I get to see how not everything works if pressurized to happen. It might just be the wrong time.

Actually, let's forget about there being a 'right' vs 'wrong' but more-so that there is an ideal outcome that happens when it is meant to. Yes, that is the thing I'm talking about! There are times when my fantasy life crashes into reality. So often they don't intermix but those moments (when they do smash together) create a beautiful thing that I couldn't have even conceptualized before.

I have goals, yes, but I remain open to the 'emergent property' of what happens when plans meet actuality. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it seems worse, but always I learn and strive and grow.

I still catch myself periodically wishing things would happen sooner. I wish I could have everything I want right away, immediately, but really, what I want is to earn my place. I want to be grateful for where I am and how I got here, while having the idea of where I want to go, and allowing timing outside myself to dictate the when.

This happens in writing. When characters come to life, so often I want to give them everything quickly and easily but... consciously, J and I eventually go back in and make it ever more difficult on them. Over and over again we put our characters through more turmoil so they can earn their achievements and happiness and ultimately come to a more satisfying ending.

I learn about 'allowing' through my writing, observing others, and experiencing my own adversities.

In the end, I'm not in control of the timing of things. I can only prepare and ready myself for that moment, that lightening strike of luck. It's a rarity and often not recognized until later but such a beautiful thing.

Finding my husband was this way.
Finding J was this way.
Finding myself has been and will continue to be this way.

I'm here.
I'm ready.
Let the timing happen when it happens and until then... I work, I laugh, I play, I live.

- M

*M, when I stopped trying to make things happen and started focusing more on self-care and allowing then to happen instead, the lights turned green and I found you. May timing be ever in our favour. - J


  1. I think you are talking about leaning into trust....a larger trust...not just an ego-trust that you can achieve but a trust that that there is a tidal nature to your life. Letting go into this larger tide washes us up to the shores that are really 'ours' to explore and have. Jillian

  2. Same here. What we can do is start the motion and when timing is right, the wheel spins. I've learnt to have faith in each day, one day at a time. Sometimes it seems things are going the wrong way or not fast enough but when you trust and let go of fear and control, the turn out is for the best. I know it happens, I experience it often so I'm confident that the Universe works for our good and timing is key but never up to us. Surrender. Be active, start the motion but surrender with confidence :)


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