Thursday, 3 November 2016

Writing to the Rain

Vancouverites often comment on the rain and often those comments are negative.

Me? I love the rain.

'Even though you bike everywhere?' some people ask.

'Yes,' I reply with a smile.

The rain doesn't stop me. I have gear to keep me dry and if that doesn't work out, well, whatever, I'll dry off at some point.

What stops me from biking is ice (especially black ice). However, the rain does seem to stop most cyclists - which is just fine by me because I get more of the road / bike lane to myself - FREEDOM!!

Some of the things I like about the rain are: the way it sounds, the way it sustains the earth, the reminder of the cycle of things and the change of season.

Another thing I like about the rain is how great it is to cozy up inside with a nice cup of tea, and a good book or movie or time with friends.

When it is sunny out I feel at odds with staying inside. When it rains, such qualms melt away and I move into a more internal and receptive way of being. I call this inward focused state, 'input,' vs writing, networking etc. which is all what I deem, 'output.' 

The thing with writing is... all work and no play makes M's imagination dry up.

Some of the things I love about Input:

-getting viewpoints that are different than my own
-finding inspiration
-being active with my listening skills

The greatness of Output:

-seeing my intense inner world turned outward
-the sense of accomplishment when I complete something
-connecting with others

Both have their place and both are valid.

At first when it rains, it is usually more input than output, in contrast to the warmer days of summer. Overall, the tea, and the cozy atmosphere add up to one happy camper hunkered down for evenings of film, reading, snuggles, and good conversation which refuels me to become output-ready once again.

I love the rain, I love what the rain brings, and I welcome it every fall.

- M

*M, I too, love autumn. Reading this I am realizing that I could use a little more 'input' time right now. - J

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