Thursday, 23 February 2017

Go Your Own Way

I love this photo!

She don't care that everyone around her is dressed in pants and sneakers, she's gonna wear her crown and eat her fricking ice cream.

It makes me think of my experience with creative development. It is interesting and surprising to me that (as content makers) the push to conform is still very strong. Not always, but often, there will be a call out asking for diverse voices but 'not too different.'

Wait! As artists aren't we supposed to use our individual voices to create a universal experience in an interesting way?

As J&I finalize our short film, I am so appreciative that, throughout the entire process, we focused on not only what we were making but also, very importantly, how we were making it. 

How do we want to deliver our message?
How do we, as filmmakers, want to conduct ourselves?
How much do we want to keep our process, our voices, and our final product distinctly our own? (the answer is VERY MUCH!!)

J&I can't help but be diverse, or different, simply by our experience of life.  As females we see the world differently than the (current) majority of male filmmakers.

So, with regards to the whole push/pull of 'be different' / 'be unique' but 'do it the way it's always been done' - I say,

"Find someone else to deliver the usual story. I'm sure they will do a much better job than J&I and that's okay! I'm happy that's being taken care of so I can hold hands with J as we go our own way."

Cue music - "You can go your own way... GO YOUR OWN WAY!!"

- M

*M, I have my crown, I have my ice cream... Let's go! - J

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