Thursday, 29 June 2017

Puppy Patience

*Disclaimer: As M&J are deep into application deadlines, I decided to reach back in time to a 'draft post' written when I was deliriously tired for an entirely different reason. Present-day updates will follow the post!

My husband and I recently welcomed a new member to the family. Our puppy, though adorable and irresistibly loveable is quite the handful. She has completely overhauled our lives (and our sleep).

I am fortunate to have a work partner who is accommodating to this recent life change. She’s supportive and flexible with our schedule/work-location and all the necessary changes that come with having a baby animal completely dependent on one-half of the work team. I am lucky.

However, despite the support from my business partner, as well as all of my loving family and friends I have to admit there have been times when I’ve wanted to pull my hair out. Potty training a puppy-toddler can feel like a never ending test of wills. Out stubborning a puppy ought to be something I can add to my resume.

I’ve noticed though that this little girl gets me so in the moment it's crazy. Crazy, wonderful, amazing - I stood there with her when she stared at a crow for a few minutes the other day. I was right there with her, watching its every movement, noting the dark, dense, opaque blackness of its feathers and delighting in that little head tilt pup does when she’s curious and can’t quite figure something out... Like say, relieving herself outside. Sigh.

The days are simultaneously feeling longer and shorter. The 4am trips to the sidewalk offer an interesting street view. A whole new cast of characters has entered my world, at various times of the day, most of which want nothing more than a lick (from her) and a discussion of how old she is and the cuteness level she’s achieving at a staggering pace.

This puppy is reminding me that most things worthwhile in life are a mix of joy and pain, of elation and utter frustration. That to get to the good sometimes we go through a period of seemingly bad, of confusion and awkward adjustment. She’s become a beautiful reminder to me of the value of patient persistence when it comes to what we love and man do I love her, so much.

*Present day updates: My now 6 month old pup has not only mastered bladder control like a Boss but can sit, stay, lie down, roll over and shake a paw on command! She is about to graduate her second round of puppy classes next week and I couldn’t be prouder!   

- J

*J, I am so proud of you and your pup. Great dogs are not born, they are trained with a lot of hard work and effort. Congratulations (on this and many other things). In support and love always - M

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