Thursday, 10 August 2017


These last few months I have had the impulse to get rid of stuff, remove clutter, and donate donate donate. I have also been going through my email inbox and deleting unnecessary communication / filing away items that have already been dealt with.

All of this has lead to feeling lighter and more streamlined. Similarly, and not too surprisingly, editing scripts can also feel this way.

The term 'kill your darlings,' comes up a lot when working on revisions. Sometimes J and I go back and forth over whether or not to go so far as to remove a character completely. We have a rule (I'm not sure where it came from), if the script can function without the character in question, we remove them.

Similar to cleaning out a closet or going through old memories, sometimes this process can seem painful or heartbreaking but in the end it leads to a nice spaciousness that allows for breathing room (or something new).

As well, one thing I love (with regards to writing) is that - nothing is ever really lost. J or I have probably written that before but it bears repeating. I save all old versions and often take the scraps for other stories. If ever that data is lost or ruined, it's in my brain, somewhere. These stories will be told. These characters will have their voices heard, and the narratives will be shared if / when they are meant to.

And I will always have J, she is my rock, my solid foundation. If nothing else, if everything burns, together she and I will 'Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze!' it like all the Who's in Whoville.


M, ... 'Welcome Christmas, Christmas time..." Yes to all this. J

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