Thursday, 21 September 2017

On the Road Again

We're back!

The Covellite International Film Festival was amazing. The festival is truly something special. We felt so welcomed and Mental was extremely well received by both audiences and filmmakers alike.

Our visit to Butte included bouquets of kale, inspiring silk prints, and far too satisfying coffee.

The festival was invigorating. We were thrilled to be surrounded by fellow filmmakers and audiences who love film as much as we do. We left inspired by work that we otherwise would not get a chance to see through mainstream distribution channels and by the projects’ filmmakers who took impressive risks.

The best part were the conversations our film fostered surrounding its subject matter, mental health. Witnessing Mental spark much needed discussion was, for us, our greatest accomplishment with this project (thus far).

On behalf of our team, we accepted an award for ‘Achievement in Filmmaking Best Short Form,’ which was icing on an already delicious cake.

In closing, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this festival, with producer Victoria Angell, who brought Covellite’s uniqueness to our attention and was a supportive presence during the Q&A's. Thank you Vee.

For more photos of our trip check out our Instagram @meeshandjax | #mandj.

- M&J

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  1. Well done! Glad you are keeping a record of your accomplishments!


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