Thursday, 7 September 2017

On the Road

Next week M&J & Vee* are heading off to Butte Montana to attend the Covellite Film Festival for the World Premier of Mental. Boy are we excited!

As we be road-trippin' we thought we’d blog about all the fun to be had with following a film around to its various screenings. It is very cool to get into a festival and share your piece with audiences who wouldn't normally get to see it. Especially with shorts which generally don’t get theatrical releases.  

Festivals are such a great opportunity to meet with like-minded creatives and can lead to some great collaborations. There’s also the chance for in-depth discussion of your film post screening and you get to see how it lands with various audience members. Generally there are super informative panels, with inspirational industry peeps, not to mention the content you get to consume from fellow artists. 

We are planning to blog together again post festival to let y’all know how it went! As many cool, ridiculous, fun details that we can remember - so stay tuned for our post on, September 21st. 

Off we go!

- M&J

*a producer on Mental and all around awesome gal / filmmaker. 

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