Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Kitten of my Mind

We got some kittens a couple of months ago (not pictured above*). Originally we were looking for cats between the ages of 1 & 3 but were unable to find a match. Since it was springtime, there was a kitten explosion and we opened our search to include the tiny ones.

When I first met our two little fluff-balls I fell in love almost instantly. I spent some time with them and got to know their personalities / hear from their Foster 'parents' all about them.

We had a lot of work to do before bringing them home. There was the cleaning, Shedding, and kitten-proofing. We installed a door at the top of the stairs so they would be kept in the 'safe zone' aka 'the area where nothing can kill them zone.' Someday they will be allowed to roam the home but for now this is working out quite nicely.

The learning curve on having these two has been intense. I find myself Googling '________ kittens?' all the time. Oh, what did we do before the internet? Mostly, though, they seem super happy and well-adjusted. Getting two was the right move for us. They run and play together and keep each other active / happy. There is so much awesome bottled up in these tiny beings, sometimes I can't stand it.

They have also taught me about my creativity.

Creativity is the kitten of my mind. If it to comes to me and I chase it, the response will be for it to run and hide either because it thinks we're playing a game or because it's scared. The best way to catch those thoughts is to allow creativity to come to me (seemingly on its own terms). I can do this by gently ushering it with affection, an enticing toy, or treats - treats always work :D

So yeah, a blog post about kittens and I tied it back to writing.
Go me!


M, Treats DO always work.... Mmm treats. J

*If you want to see my real kittens, I post about them a lot on my personal Instagram - and if dogs are more your thing, sometimes J will post photos of her gorgeous pup on her personal Instagram and she wrote an awesome blog post about her experience here.

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