Thursday, 25 January 2018

I'll Write This Post Later...

Something most people don't know about me is... I'm a recovering procrastinator.

When I was younger I had a habit of always wanting and never doing. I would marinate in that place of almost accomplishing something. Hanging out in the "Someday I'll do ______" and feeling good about it because change was always on the horizon. The only problem was I knew my awful track record better than anyone so deep down I was aware that change was never going to happen... unless I stopped procrastinating. 

By acknowledging my problem I was able to find a solution. I put pressure on myself to get things done by becoming a super doer! (aka I said "yes!" to everything). At first it was great! At first I did all the things all the time and really well. But, as often happens, something that started off as beneficial turned negative when left unchecked.

Saying "yes!" to anything and everything meant I was always racing to catch up. My adrenal glands worked overtime. Every night was like the eve of an exam - I was always cramming.

And then came burnout. 

I was empty. I had hit a wall and there was nothing left. No fuel in the tank and nowhere to gas up. All those things I had said "yes!" to, received nowhere near 100% of my attention and I failed. A lot. 

Through this journey, I came to find my own middle ground. 

Enter scheduling.

Nowadays, I like to be busy enough. Because I know myself and my limits better, when I say "yes!" I really mean it. There is follow through. No more procrastination! I avoid putting off to tomorrow what can be accomplished today. My schedule is very full, in fact, I'm more scheduled than I was before.  

So, how do I 'do more' better and avoid burnout? 

I pre-schedule free time. That might sound like an oxymoron to 'schedule freedom' but for me it combats the possibility of physical and / or mental collapse.

I've got good stamina, so if I wait for fatigue to tell me when to take it easy, I'm like a thirsty person - already dehydrated. With personal time pre-booked, I get to re-fill my tank before it's empty.   

M's Action Items for Procrastinators who want to Recover*
  1. Admit there is a problem
  2. Find deadlines to aim for
  3. Create / join group projects (or find an accountability partner) to get peer-pressure working for you
  4. Schedule backwards from the deadline smaller, weekly, goals
  5. Insert free time into that schedule and guard it with your life
*Note: one size does 'not' fit all but it's something to try. 

One thing that is great about working with J is I get to address all these things at once. If you can find your own personal Joy (teehee) your work and your life will thank you.

Go. Create! Enjoy the process as much as the results!

~M out

*M, That's the first time I've ever seen my name tied to 'joy' like that - *blush*. J


  1. Thanks for this post. I completely relate (seeing as my twitter handle is @procrastinwriter - do you have any recommendations for women's screenplay writer's groups in Vancouver (I've recently moved from New York City back home to North Van)?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Great twitter handle :)

      We recommend joining WIFTV ( Through this organization you could seek out or create a women's writing group. Good luck!


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