Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Magic Pill

After growing up with health problems, I spent a few years being extremely fit. People who hadn't seen me for a while would ask how I did it. After the first few times this happened, I knew the drill. I would watch their faces fall as I told them my secret: eat well and exercise. They usually pressed me further, saying that there must be more to it than that. There must be something beyond that old adage.

They thought I had found a magical pill.

The same thing happens to J and me with regards to generating content. We get asked (often) how we manage to create so much. Our answer is simple: we write. (FYI - we will go into more depth on our process in an upcoming E-Book. Yep. An E-Book. Stay tuned.)

That's it.

We spend a ton of time doing our work: creating concepts, fleshing out beat sheets, discussing characters / intentions / obstacles, pressurizing everything until all the nooks and crannies have been sorted out and then... we... go. to. draft.

After multiple passes, we do a polish and then we submit submit submit. Sometimes we send our drafts to friendlies who give us feedback. These are people we know and trust. We look for consistencies in what they say and then we iron out the story even further.

So, even though the answer is simple, the way we get there isn't. It's messy and complicated and thorough and everyone's journey is different. We all have to find our own way.

The Olympics are a great example of watching people, who have done a ton of work, execute their skills. I love watching them because it is excellence on display. I think Tessa & Scott say it best in their TedX talk. To quote Tessa, "There are no shortcuts."

It was helpful for me to recognize that there is no Magic Pill. And! Even if someone found a way to bypass all that 'hard work & grit' I don't know if I'd take it. I like earning my place in the world. I like putting my all into something and seeing the results.

Mindy Kahling said what I'm trying to get at extremely well here - she earned her confidence by doing the work which is exactly what I want to do.


*M, Agreed my friend. It's all about the process and enjoying the ride! J 

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