We provide support and guidance to help you move your film/TV project forward and take it to the next level.

Private Consulting

We discuss your story and explore with you how your log-line, treatment, synopsis and/or screenplay, can be strengthened. We highlight specific areas with tips, tricks and suggestions.

To inquire as to an in person mentoring session please fill in our contact form below bottom right

To hire us for a remote mentoring session head over to Mentorly

Development Notes

We work on your materials remotely and send you an evaluation with bullet-point recommendations and feedback.

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Scenes for Actors

We spend time with you to figure out what your brand is and your personal career goals, then we create material (a 3-5 page scene) catered to you and the characters you want to play.

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Practical Creative

We offer ongoing weekly classes in small group settings.

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"I've found a safe place to test my skills, find my strengths, and try new things. Meesh and Jax create a working environment that finds a balance of nurturing guidance, and professionalism." - Taylor Hastings

"Meesh and Jax are amazing, they’re able to find the holes in my script and help guide me on a
better direction that drives the script forward. I also feel that when I sit down with them in the
room it’s like a power meeting which energizes me, and they help me realize that I am able to
finish what I started, I leave the room more confident and excited to see what will be put onto
the page." - Arpad Balogh

"I recently received a consultation from Jax and Meeshelle on my application for the Sundance Episodic Story Lab, and their feedback made a huge difference in the quality of my pitch materials.  First, it was clear and concise.  It was easy to decipher what changes needed to be made, as well as how to implement their suggestions.  Second, their notes were very comprehensive.  They provided suggestions both on the ‘big picture’ of the pitch, as well as the small details.  Third, I felt they provided the perfect balance between encouragement and constructive criticism.  Any time I receive feedback that is either over-the-top positive or emphatically negative, I take it with a grain of salt.  But Jax and Meeshelle’s feedback assured me I was on the right track, while pointing to specific things I could do to make it better.  Every note they provided me with, I was able to accept at face value.  But lastly and most importantly, their feedback was directed at fulfilling my vision.  They were focused on the story that I was trying to tell, and geared all their notes toward taking what I already had, and elevating the quality.  I’ve just received word that my project has been selected for the next round of submissions, and Jax and Meeshelle’s advice played a huge part.  I’ve now submitted my pilot script and am anxiously awaiting next round’s results.  Thank you Jax and Meeshelle!" - Jordan Wilson

"Jax and Meesh provided me with invaluable insight into the world of screenwriting. They helped give my story a stronger structure and helped me explore what worked and what didn't, all while being incredibly respectful of my vision for the piece. They also provided an excellent look into the business side of things, helping me figure out what my next step was. I thoroughly recommend this course [Practical Creative] to anyone who has a screenplay or heck, even a strong idea of what they hope to accomplish and a basic structure set up! You will not be disappointed." - Katharine Taylor

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